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Summer Ready with Rose Hip!

With the temperatures rising and the sun out longer, it’s important that you protect your hair color against harsh UV rays and other environmental factors. Lucky for you, CHI has the Rose Hip Oil  collection, specially formulated to protect your hair color while the weather is warm. Check out the guide below to ensure your hair color will be long lasting! 

Get the Look

*Color protection steps created by the CHI Education Department

Step 1

Shampoo your hair using the CHI Rose Hip Oil Protecting Shampoo then condition your hair using the CHI Rose Hip Oil Protecting Conditioner.

Step 2

After gently drying your hair with a towel, mist your hair with the CHI Rose Hip Oil Repair and Shine Leave-In Tonic and comb through to evenly distribute product throughout your hair.

Step 3

Style your hair as desired and finish off your look with the CHI Rose Hip Oil UV Protecting Oil.

Tip: Once a week, deep condition your hair using the CHI Rose Hip Oil Recovery Treatment.

Bonus Tip: In between your wash days, touch up your hair by spraying your roots with the CHI Rose Hip Oil Dry Shampoo.


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