SPECIAL OFFER- STYLING PACK- Infra texture, Natural hold + Shine

30.00 INC VAT


Get the Ultimate Trio Kit of Styling…all your styling needs in one!

CHI Styling – Waterless formula that is lightweight, absorbs excess oils while refreshing the scalp between shampoos and helps to provide texture.

CHI Infra Texture Hair Spray- anti-humidity is a fast-drying hairspray giving lift, movement, texture, and control with no build up or flakes. Great as a working or finishing spray. Level hold 0

Thermal protection against moisture and humidity
Incredibly lightweight, providing a silky shine
Suitable for all hair types
Contains Ionic and Cationic Hydration Interlink technology

Natural hold hair spray is great for layering to create multiple textures, styles, and finishes. Level Hold 3

Versatile spray
No build up
Flexible hold

Chi Shine Spray Thermal active shine spray that instantly gives polished shine without the added weight or oils.Can be used instead of a hair serum. Level hold 0.

Helps to repair split ends
Eliminates frizz
Adds incredible shine

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