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Product Overview

  • Revives curls and refreshes style
  • Leaves curls refreshed with shine and moisture

Product Description

Do you have curly hair that is dry and damaged? Are your curls frizzy and unmanageable? It is hard to find curly hair care products that work well for your own curl pattern? We have the solution: the CHI Aloe Vera Curl Reactivating Spray does a great job of being one of the best curl enhancing sprays out there! This product was designed specifically for every curl pattern from loose waves to coily curls.
If you’re looking for a product that doesn’t leave a heavy, sticky residue, the CHI Aloe Vera Curl Reactivating Spray gives you long-lasting curl definition without weighing your hair down. The result is beautiful, manageable waves or curls without the frizziness. Plus, it’s easy to use. You simply apply the CHI Aloe Vera Curl Reactivating Spray on damp or dry hair from mid-hair shaft to ends and then style as desired. It will enhance your curl pattern so that your hair looks beautiful even if your hair is color treated!

What is a Curl Reactivating Spray?

A curl reactivating spray helps to refresh curls by enhancing curl definition and nixing frizz. There are many different types of curl reactivating sprays with specific purposes like styling loose waves or adding volume to curly hair. The CHI Aloe Vera Curl Reactivating Spray targets all types of curly hair from loose waves to tight coils and everything in between.

Wavy/Curly Hair

For those with wavy hair, CHI’s curl spray is a great curl enhancer. It contains ingredients such as water, agave nectar, and glycerin to help soften curls while adding definition without weighing them down or leaving a sticky residue. 

Damp Hair

Use the CHI Aloe Vera Curl Reactivating Spray on slightly damp hair before you dry it. This will help to give your dream curls natural volume and bounce, which is important if you have fine or thin curly hair that tends to become limp over time.

Dry Hair

CHI’s Aloe Vera Curl Reactivating Spray can also be used to refresh your style on dry hair too! To enhance curls on dry hair, lightly mist hair from mid-hair shaft to ends and scrunch curls up in an upward motion.

Fine Hair

Perfect to use on fine hair, the CHI Aloe Vera Curl Reactivating Spray will help add definition to your curl for shiny, healthy-looking hair without the crunchiness.

CHI Aloe Vera Curl Reactivating Spray Benefits

  • Enhances curl definition and increases elasticity
  • Guards against humidity and frizz 
  • Provides intense hydration with zero added weight 
  • Improves shine and strength 

All curl types – whether fine, loose, coarse or thick – can benefit from the CHI Aloe Vera Curl Reactivating Spray, which instantly revives curls, keeps frizz at bay, and maintains healthy-looking curls that are soft to the touch.

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