BioSilk Color Therapy

Beautiful salon color deserves specialized care and BioSilk Color Therapy delivers. This system offers total hair color protection with the power of silk, rooibos and an extract blend of gooseberry and bamboo. As with all BioSilk products, expect silk protein to strengthen hair from the inside out for a soft, smooth and shiny finish. All Color Therapy products contain VibraRiche® for maximum color retention and three-dimensional shine.

Key Ingredients
1. Silk Protein: Silk contains 17 of the same 19 amino acids found in hair to revitalize and rejuvenate hair.

2. Rooibos: Protects against harmful mediators offering UV filters, antioxidants, proteins and ceramides.

3. VibraRiche®: A patented blend of ingredients that delivers shinier, longer lasting color while sharpening hair’s vibrancy.

4. Bamboo and Gooseberry Extract Blend: Bamboo boosts hair’s strength and flexibility, while Gooseberry offers vital nutrients; blended together they enhance hair’s overall strength and shine

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